University introduces new Radio Frequency Identification Card as new security measure

By CTW Team

The Security Department has finalized the preparations to switch registration details from the Biometric control feature that was used at the gate and the Library pre-COVID-19, to the new RFID card feature, which was rolled out from Wednesday, February 24. The system will replace the manual register that was adopted to ensure that the University adhered to Government regulations for contact tracing, which requires that all businesses, workplaces and premises must request each person visiting the premises to provide their contact details, as well as record their arrival time to monitor and manage the number of people on campus at any time.

The system will ensure tighter security on campus, in addition to helping in the fulfilment of the Government regulation of having a contact tracing system in place, as the card will collect up-to-the-minute information on faculty, staff and students who access campus.

Issuance and registration will run as follows:

  • Issuance and printing of RFID cards for employees and students – To be done at the Registrar’s Office.
  • Registration of the RFID cards on the Automated Access Control System – To be done at the Library.

The process will be carried out daily, from 9 am to 12 pm until Monday, March 15, 2021.

For students, priority will be given to those who are currently having their practical classes on campus. The rest of the students undertaking their studies remotely will be notified in April on when the next round of registration is expected to begin.

Please ensure that you carry your current employee or student ID card which you will be expected to surrender in exchange for the new RFID card. Once you pick up the card, you can get it registered immediately at the Library. Once you have the new RFID card, please carry it with you at all times to enable you access the campus via the gate as well as the Library.

Should you have any concerns that you may wish to have addressed, please reach out to Peter Omusula at

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