USIU-Africa Library makes access to international and local newspapers easier

Reading international and local newspapers and magazines has now been made easier. The Library, through Press Reader, has now enabled students, staff, and faculty to have access to 3000+ digital newspapers and 4000+ digital magazines from across the globe.

In the past, to access the service, one had to be within the USIU-Africa network or connected via the campus VPN. This is now not necessary. We now have in place what we call ‘email authentication’ where you just:

  • Download the Press Reader App from Playstore or App Store, sign in using your USIU-Africa email and password and get started.



  • To verify your email, you will get an email in your inbox from, click on the link.
  • You will see a welcome message and a green teacup to show that you are authenticated. You are all set and ready to read!

It is possible to download any publication into your PressReader library to read offline by using the auto download capabilities. Away from news and entertainment, PressReader is good research tool, which can help you come up with information depending on the keywords you search.

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