January 11, 2021: Welcome message by the Vice Chancellor

Dear USIU-Africa Community,

Happy New Year to you all. I hope this message finds you and your families safe and healthy as we commence the Spring 2021 semester with great expectation to achieve your academic goals. I would like to particularly welcome all the new students to the USIU-Africa experience. You have joined a community of like-minded individuals on a similar quest of knowledge that will impact you, your environment and your society. I would also like to welcome back students who are returning after taking a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted that you are back and looking forward to continue with your studies.

As you are aware, Spring 2021 classes will be offered online with select on-campus learning for students who require practical and laboratory sessions. The Library will also be open under strict guidelines to allow students to access materials critical to their research and study. This has been made possible due to the various health protocols that have been put in place to ensure your safety while on campus in line with the local and global Covid-19 mitigation measures. It is imperative that these guidelines are strictly adhered to at all times.

Based on this, I would like to emphasize the proper wearing of masks by all students, staff and faculty while on campus as well as social distancing (maintain at least 1.5 meters when interacting with others) to reduce the risk of contracting the virus by protecting yourself and others.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has been an upsetting time for all of us, but despite that, it has also been an opportunity for us to learn what the university can do differently, and where it can continue improving in the long run.

Once again, I thank you all for your resilience and adaptability during these unprecedented times. Your determination continues to be an inspiration to me because I know that if we continue working together like we always have, we will come back from this adversity stronger than before.

Professor Paul Tiyambe Zeleza

Vice Chancellor

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