USIU-Africa alumna to donate books to the library

From left Principal Alumni Relations Officer, Michael Kisilu, USIU-Africa Alumna, Hannah Githuki, Principal Librarian - Cataloguing, Daniel Okumu and USIU-Africa Alumni Association, Public Relations Committee Chair, Ann Mbaru pose for a photo during Ms. Hannah’s book donation. The book is her first one as a published author.

Hannah Githuki, a USIU-Africa alumna from the 2009 International Business Administration class and the 2012 Master of Business Administration class donated copies of her debut book, Flaunt Your Genius, to the USIU-Africa library on Friday, October 30, 2020.

The book

The book is intended as a guide for the young and old alike on the key aspects of how to build a credible personal brand, even when the odds are against you. The book is timely, especially in the era of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, where many individuals and companies have been thrown into disarray by the ravages of the pandemic.

Speaking to CTW, Hannah notes that she would not be where she is without the education and professional guidance that she received during her time as a student at USIU-Africa. It was for this reason, she says, that she was inspired to give back to the University.

“Our years in USIU-Africa really did add value to our careers and lives. As I launched my first book, I could think of no better way of marking this milestone than sharing this gift with the USIU-Africa, through donating a few copies of the book to the USIU-Africa library, “she says.

The book, she notes, was born as a result of her own personal experiences, and through studying several Kenyan individuals who have been able to build a strong personal brand.

Flaunt Your Genius is intended to challenge the reader to build a strong personal brand, both in the personal and professional spheres of their lives. As someone who has been through some overwhelming situations, I was able to extrapolate the lessons learnt into an eight-point guide on the basics of personal brand building, “she said.

“The book also features several case studies and examples from celebrated figures like Oprah, Richard Branson, Julie Gichuru, and Churchill Ndambuki, who are a testament to the tangible, pragmatic ways that personal branding does not just work, but pays,” she added.

In addition to writing, Hannah is also an entrepreneur, business trainer, keynote speaker, and a toastmaster with a passion for mentoring young people through college skills-gap training programs. She does this with different universities and colleges. She is also a highly skilled training consultant who works with individuals, and companies as well as other stakeholders in developing training programs suitable for their needs and delivers with excellence.

In her parting shot, she says that true genius is facing off against a storm of pandemics, natural disasters, and other problems, in order to emerge with a personal brand that can withstand every challenge thrown its way.

Flaunt Your Genius is not just a book relevant for 2020 but for as long as people desire to establish their place in the world even in the midst of crisis, “she notes.

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