USIU-Africa Library hosts Information Literacy Trainings

By Rodney Malesi

At the beginning of this month, the Library organized information literacy training sessions geared towards equipping members of the USIU-Africa community with skills necessary to navigate the library to access the wealth of content available to them, especially during this period where learning has transitioned online.

The training, which is offered every semester saw 20 members of the University community enroll for training over a one-week period. The sessions covered areas such as Scholarly Research, Communication and Publishing; Online Database Searching and Retrieval; as well as Citation and Referencing Styles. Scholarly Communication was one of the most popular sessions due to the increased interest in scholarly communication as it covers publishing which is a major avenue to academic progression and success.

There were suggestions to offer the program early in the semester, and in response to this, the Library is putting together a schedule for trainings that will be shared at the beginning of the Fall 2020 Semester. We hope that this will encourage more people to register for the sessions as the Library continues in its service of transforming individuals into information literate citizens who can participate actively and meaningfully in the information society.

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