Researcher(s) Title Amount
1 Kangu, Maureen
Mutisya, Mary
Ranking and Profiling of Kenyan Urban City Destinations as Competitive Tourism Destinations in the World 500,000.00
2 Dr. Fredrick Selfano Odoyo
Audit And Risk Control Among Devolved Units In Kenya
3 Dr. Peter Kiriri Development, Reliability, Validity and Dimensionality of an Integrated Health Service Quality Measurement Scale for a Healthcare Sector in a Developing Country – Kenya 496,500.00
4 Ms. Akosa E. Wambalaba
The Effects of Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) Infrastructure on User Experience in Nairobi, Kenya
5 Fred O. Newa Fostering A Sustainable Research Culture Through Postgraduate Research Supervision: Challenges And Prospects 562,550.00
6 Prof. Francis Wambalaba, Ms. Akosa Wambalaba Rideshare Transport Baseline Survey towards a Rideshare Mobile App. 659,000.00
7 Dr. Tabitha Ndungu Relationship between Holistic Model of Intervention Approaches and Quality of Life among Recovering Alcoholics in Selected Rehabilitations Centers Iin Nairobi County in Kenya. 485,000.00
8 Robi K. Ochieng An Exploration of the Reportage of Devolved Governance in Print Media Stories in Kenya 503,500.00
9 Dr. Stella Kemuma Nyagwencha A Clinical Trial of Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Reducing Suicide Behavior among University Students in Selected Universities in Kenya 570,000.00
10 Calvin A Omolo Development of Novel Stimuli Responsive Drug Delivery Systems for Targeted Delivery of Antibiotics 909,431
11 Elsie Newa Uptake of career counselling among students at USIU - Africa 501,000