ICT Department launches Helpdesk system to improve customer service at USIU-Africa

By the ICT team

In order to maintain operational excellence and improve customer service, the ICT Department has expanded the use of the Helpdesk’s e-ticketing system (LAN Support) to include additional departments and units across campus. This ticketing system will be used to raise, track, resolve, close and report on service related issues in a similar way to the tickets that have previously been raised for ICT assistance. The system has been in use at the University for the last nine years by ICT, Marketing and Maintenance departments. In addition to enhancing service provision in all critical departments beyond the official working hours, the business focus shall become more customer-orientated since the spotlight will shift towards issue resolution based on each issue’s anticipated turnaround time.

Below is a list of e-mail addresses that you should use to directly contact departments or units and track issues you raise using a unique ticket number. This list is also available on the University's home page at helpdesk/ for your reference.

Department/Unit Email address
1 School of Communication, Cinematic & Creative Arts scccahelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
2 School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences sphshelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
3 School of Science & Technology ssthelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
4 Chandaria School of Business csobhelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
5 School of Humanities & Social Sciences shsshelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
6 Registrar registrarhelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
7 Placement and Career Services pacshelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
8 School of Graduate Studies, Research & Extension gradhelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
9 Human Resource hrhelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
10 Finance financehelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
11 Institutional Research irhelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
12 Admissions admissionshelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
13 Partnerships and External Linkages pelhelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
14 Student Affairs studaffairshelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
15 Library libraryhelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
16 Health Services healthhelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
17 Counseling Services counselinghelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
18 Security security@usiu.ac.ke
19 Transport transporthelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
20 Deputy Vice Chancellor dvchelpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
??21 ??ICT ??helpdesk@usiu.ac.ke
??22 ??Marketing and Communications ??marketing@usiu.ac.ke
??23 ??Maintenance ??repairs@usiu.ac.ke

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