Admissions Office hosts virtual open day for Nova Pioneer students

By Linet Aguko

Last week, the Admissions Office held a virtual Open Day for the Form Four Class at Nova Pioneer School, alongside their Careers teacher. The session was conducted as part of the department’s efforts to market the University to students in their last year of high school, including providing career advice to attendees, clarifying queries about the university and its processes and strengthening existing relationships with high schools.

The Admissions team took the opportunity to illustrate the learning opportunities that were available at USIU-Africa, including the online learning platforms that the University had deployed during the lockdown as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The team also took the students through the end to end process of getting into USIU-Africa, from the admissions process, right through to the registration for classes. These sessions were conducted by Admissions staff alongside selected faculty members, who were at hand to provide detailed information and guidance to the students regarding various programs

Dr. George Lumbasi, the Chief Admissions Manager begun the session by giving a brief background of USIU-Africa and gave an in-depth explanation as to why the University’s programs were some of the most sought-after in the country and in the region.

“Joining USIU-Africa means having the opportunity to experience a holistic education, focused on both academic and personal growth, in areas of student life such as club activities, community service and sports. We also ensure that each of our students is given a fighting chance to complete their education by putting in place comprehensive financial aid programs that assist our financially needy students to complete their studies,” he said.

The students also had the opportunity to chat to current students enrolled in a wide range of programs, representative of USIU-Africa’s diversity in both its programs and its student body, which is drawn from several nationalities across the world. The students shared their journey to and at USIU-Africa, their reasons for enrolling at the University, tips for excelling at USIU-Africa, among others.

At the end of the session, the students were taken through a virtual campus tour, which allowed them to get a feel of the University’s world class facilities, which many of them reported looking forward to experiencing in person once schools opened.

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