Admissions Office conducts a Virtual Tour and Career Talk for prospective students

By John Sande

The Admissions Office recently conducted a virtual tour and career talk via Zoom to prospective international students and their parents from the Bingwa Homeschool Group. This group comprises of parents who have chosen to work and walk together by sharing information about higher education as they homeschool their children, and prepare them for university education.

The 30 participants were eager to get information on programs offered at USIU-Africa, admission criteria for international students, career options, scholarships, internships, among many others.

Dr. Lumbasi gave the opening remarks, thanking Bingwa Homeschool Group for their continued support, especially so during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Admissions Office took the group through a virtual tour of the university, made a presentation on the admission requirements to join the various programs offered, and together with the Marketing and Communication team, responded to the numerous questions asked by the prospective parents and students.

In another session held on Friday, June 5, with 250 students from Pacemaker Session, the Admissions Department invited Dr. Robi Koki Ochieng, a Journalism lecturer and faculty member in the School of Communication, Cinematic and Creative Arts, who shared her experience as faculty on innovative learning particularly with USIU-Africa’s transition to online learning platforms such as Blackboard, the Library e-resources and video conferencing through Zoom and BlueJeans as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In her presentation, Dr. Koki was able to demonstrate USIU-Africa’s preparedness for academic and business continuity in times of adversity.

Speaking after the sessions, Dr. Lumbasi noted that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic had disrupted the education sector, and as such, all future initiatives needed to be rethought.

“The Covid-19 situation has initiated a reinvention of tact and we continue to partner and engage with the various stakeholders to prepare prospective students for life after high school. The Admissions Department is committed to ensuring that all our prospective students receive the necessary support as they transition into higher learning, “he said.

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