Counselling Department provides Mental Health support to students during COVID-19 lockdown

By Lucy Kung’u

Following the closure of the University as part of the Government’s measures to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the Counseling Department has continued to offer counselling services to students, staff, faculty and even parents through calls, text messages, WhatsApp and even through platforms like Zoom. This included the continued support of students who were in the middle of their sessions when the campus closed.

Academic issues, financial challenges and fear of not being able to sit for end of semester exams, anxiety, loneliness, fear of discrimination, frustration with resuming with normal operations taking long, loss and grief through death of parents and family members, conflict with parents, relationship issues and continuity with education after academic dismissal are some of the issues that the Counseling center has had to deal with during this period.

As you prepare for the Summer Semester, below are some tips you can employ to ensure that you safeguard your mental health during this period:

? Develop a positive mindset and take only credible sources of information. Don’t consume too much data and hold strongly on to the information from credible sources.

? Learn to relax and to convert your energy into other more valuable activities listed below:

i. Read books, listen to audio books, do assignments, do research on different topics of interest to keep your mind active and engaged.

ii. Play in-door games, such as board games. You can even create your own games.

iii. Do general cleaning, go through old clothes for donation, clean your car, take care of your compound.

iv. Gardening for those with the opportunity, trim flowers.

v. Learn a new language, or teach yourself new crafts; draw, write songs, plays, among others.

vi. Carry out simple exercises at home to keep yourself active. ensure you alternate sitting and walking up and down.

vii. Have a spa/massage day in your house (facial cleaning, scrubbing your legs, cleaning your hair, etc.)

viii. Talk to someone in case you feel terrified, empty, hopeless and worthless, or have any other negative emotions.

Should you feel overwhelmed, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are on call to listen to any of your concerns and allay your fears. You can reach us on the contacts below:

• Patrick Obel – 0721 466526

• Noel Khayanje – 0722964832

• Lucy Kungu – 0722695414

• Lydia Winda - 0799588614

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