Academic Policies on


a) Program Assessment

It is university policy that every degree program in the university undertakes annual assessment of student learning beyond the grade. This process will be conducted following the procedures for program assessment outlined in the QA handbook/guidelines.

b) Program Review

Each degree program at USIU shall undertake comprehensive program review once every five years. The program review shall be conducted following the procedures outlined in the QA handbook/guidelines.

c) Faculty Development

The university expects every faculty member to undertake regular trainings to improve his/her knowledge in content area in their discipline, teaching methodology and use of technology in teaching. For all the courses taught faculty shall upload notes on to blackboard following the template developed by the Educational Effectiveness Committee.

d) Student Evaluation of course instructions

Students shall conduct two evaluations of course instructions: a formative and a summative evaluation. Faculty shall use the results of the formative evaluation to improve the course instruction within the semester.

e) Missed Classes

Faculty shall attend all scheduled classes and administer own examination. For any missed class a make-up time shall be planned and the evidence of teaching the class given to the dean.

f) Moderation of Exams

It is university policy that all examination papers be moderated internally by before they are administered. This shall be done following the laid down procedure as stipulated in the QA handbook.

g) Faculty Appraisal

Faculty members shall be appraised annually on the basis of their development plans drawn and agreed upon between individual faculty members and their deans. This appraisal shall follow the procedures outlined in the academic QA handbook.

h) Curriculum Development/Review

New curriculum shall be developed following the guidelines of the accrediting Commissions and following the new curriculum procedures provided by QA office. New curriculum shall only be implemented after it has obtained the relevant approvals.

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