Five Areas of Strength


  • Identity: Significance as a secular, not-for-profit, dually accredited institution in Kenya, East Africa, and the African region; avails American education at an affordable cost locally; celebrated student diversity; a distinctive culture that has led to increased levels of student engagement and achievements.
  • Resources: The currency and adequacy of teaching/learning resources. The strong information technology infrastructure and the automation of all university processes ensure that students graduating from USIU-Africa are prepared for the ever-changing technological work environment.
  • Student Support: USIU-Africa’s systems for ensuring educational effectiveness to support student success are unparalleled in the region. The university has systems that monitor student success and provide the appropriate support.
  • Commitment to Quality and Improvement of Student Learning: USIU-Africa has done well in the assessment and improvement of student learning, and especially because both assessment and review are carried out by faculty. The institutionalization of annual program assessment and cyclic program review ensures constant monitoring of the meaning, quality and integrity of the degree programs on offer, and the alignment of the content and pedagogy to the competencies associated with these degrees.
  • Strategic Directions for Sustainability: USIU-Africa’s put in place strategies to ensure growth and sustainability. The strategic planning has taken cognizance of local and international trends in higher education, the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the African Union’s Agenda 2063, and Kenya’s Vision 2030.
  • Social Media