Hostel residents visit the Aberdare National Park in an adventurous day trip

All smiles: Students during their day trip to the Aberdares National Park.

By Bonface Inganga

The hostel day trip is one of the key events in the housing activity calendar, which gives the residents a chance to bond with each other and get to know each other well. This semester, a group of 20 students accompanied by 4 members of faculty had a chance to visit the Aberdare National Park, where they took part in a game drive and interacted with the flora and fauna at the park.
They enjoyed a game drive at the Treetops Aberdare Gate, where they were able to see various wild animals including hyenas, buffalos, and antelopes, among others. The entire drive took about 4 hours and culminated in an open-air meal prepared at a campsite.
The trip is the third event carried out this semester by the Department of Housing, organized by the DRAB members, Entertainment Committee and the Residents Assistants.

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