Did you know: Institutional Partnerships at USIU-Africa

By Prof. Paul Zeleza

The department of Partnerships and External Linkages is charged with promoting the University’s external partnerships both locally and internationally. These partnerships include those with other universities, government and public agencies, the private sector, philanthropic organizations, international and intergovernmental organizations, and civil society organizations.

USIU- Africa has partnered with 15 universities drawn from 7 countries, five government agencies, 14 private sector organizations, 796 international and intergovernmental agencies, 8 diplomatic missions and 3 community and civic organizations.

The University also enjoys relationships with its service providers, who offer various products and services to it. Currently, USIU-Africa has 97 Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with 97 vendors, 44 executed MOU’s and 18 MOU’s pending execution.

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