Reaffirmation of Re-accreditation


Every six, eight, or ten years, institutions accredited by WSCUC are reviewed to reaffirm their accreditation status. The two- to three-year process of reaffirmation of accreditation usually involves the completion of an institutional self-study and institutional report, an off-site review by WSCUC, and an on-site visit from the WSCUC team.

The WASC Senior Colleges and Universities Commission has sent a team to inspect USIU- Africa’s systems for re-affirmation of accreditation, from September 18- 20 2018. Barbara Sawrey (Chair), Jillian Kinzie (Assistant Chair), Susan Albertine, Peter Michell and Nancy Marlin will be holding 45-minute sessions with various groups from members of governing bodies, to members of various faculty committees to selected undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.

The WSCUC team shall be arriving on campus on Tuesday, September 18 to meet with various campus representatives as a followup of the offsite review at the beginning of this year.

The process of reaffirmation of accreditation began with the formation of a self-study team in Fall 2016 which gathered data and filled in a compliance sheet. The taskforce then prepared and submitted an institutional self-study report in November 2017, before hosting an off-site review in January 2018.

Specifically, the visiting team will be following up on outstanding issues and verify or revise its preliminary findings concerning both compliance and improvement with WSCUC standards and the status of systems that ensure student success.

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