Rapid Growth Ignition Program

The Rapid Growth Ignition Course gives you an understanding of how to innovate in the context of emerging technologies, using a systematic and proven science of innovation. Our methodology of action-based learning and outcome-driven innovation is hinged on having the right perspectives of the ‘new normal’ resulting from the emerging megatrends and mastery of a set of proven frameworks and tools that can help you create new market disruptors.

What sets this program apart:

The course takes the perspective that new technologies are important but not when considered in isolation; technology for technology’s sake will not produce growth. The real value creators are new business models and commercial ecosystems that emerge in the process of ongoing market adoption as witnessed from the latest proliferation of mobile telephony technologies.

More importantly, the course seeks to chart an answer to what the incumbents can do to withstand or even ride the incoming potential disruption by new upstarts. The participants learn not only how to practically bring about new disruptive products to life, but also how to systematically conceive, develop and deploy new business models and commercial ecosystems in order to successfully take the products to market.

Key takeaways:

  • TECHNOLOGY LIFECYCLE: Obtain clarity on how new technologies proliferate and reshape the competitive landscape
  • MEGATRENDS: Understand the game changing trends in technology, economics, and demographics in Kenya and Africa, and make sense of how they apply to your business
  • INNOVATION FRAMEWORKS: Guided by our innovation experts, learn how to conceptualize, develop and deploy new disruptive technologies
  • MULTI-SIDED PLATFORM BUSINESS MODELS: Guided by platform and marketplace practitioners, learn how to seed and grow platform business models
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: In teams, design and develop prototypes based on new emerging technologies
  • GROWTH DYNAMICS: Learn how to employ a high level of data-inspired and driven growth strategy while taking your products to market

Program structure:

  • 3-Day face to face immersive
  • 2-months hands-on coaching/mentorship)

Target participants:

  • General Manager
  • Innovation or R & D Manager
  • Investment Manager / Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Owner Manager
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Head of Department
  • Engineer
  • Anyone with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit

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