USIU-Africa Rugby team conducts rugby clinic in Uganda

The rubgy team at Namulyango High School. PHOTO:Courtesy

By Taigu Muchiri and Boniface Salano

The USIU-Africa rugby team visited Uganda from June 7-8 where they held a series of rugby clinics and also had an opportunity to play a friendly match with the Uganda Cranes and visited several schools marketing the institution to students who are graduating from High School this year and also took this opportunity to recruit students to join the rugby team. The delegation was led by Prof. Maina Muniafu who is the team patron and was accompanied by the rugby team and other support staff.

The Deputy Head Mistress and the games master of Namulyango High School welcomed the delegation and said that they were delighted to host USIU-Africa and invited the admissions department to visit the school and hold recruitment drives on a regular basis. The school had arranged for a mentoring session with over 200 students and rugby players who had an opportunity to listen to a brief history of USIU-Africa and the opportunities available for students who want to join the university. They also informed the students of the extra-curricular activities that students that can enroll for as they undertake their studies such as sports and club activities. They emphasized that students had an opportunity to secure scholarships if they worked hard to maintain a good Grade Point Average (GPA) and exceled in sports activities. The team mentioned that students have an opportunity to choose from two categories of sports scholarship that are available for USIU-Africa students which offer 40 percent and 65 percent tuition discount. They stressed that the main objective of these scholarships is to assist needy students who are talented in various sports pay part of their tuition costs.

Prof. Maina Muniafu thanked the leadership of Namulyango High School for welcoming USIU-Africa and said that he looks forward to forging a lasting relationship with the school in order to mentor the students as they undertake the studies. He urged the students in their final year of school to continue working hard as they prepare to sit for their final exams. George Muyombe, one of the rugby players who is also an alumnus of Namulyango had an opportunity to speak and articulated the benefits of joining USIU-Africa and playing for the rugby team.

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