Senior team reviews WSCUC Report

Dr. Angelina Kioko (Professor of English and Linguistics) & Accreditation Liaison Officer takes the participants through her presentation: PHOTO:Diana Meso

By Diana Meso

Just imagine, continuously getting American Education at a local cost! Well, this is what it means to be re-accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), not only that, it also means that a degree acquired from USIU-Africa is recognized globally and students can transfer credits to any university across the globe where WSCUC accreditation is recognized.

This means that the university as a whole, its programs, institutional structures, processes and resources are continuously improved to meet international standards and clear procedures are set to encourage good practices and provide quality education.

A report by WSCUC after a rigorous re-accreditation visit that began in Fall last year, and a re-affirmation of re-accreditation in March this year, shows that USIU-Africa has the ability to provide American Education at a local cost for the next 8 years.

This report also commends the University for its long history of operating surpluses, lack of external debts, a series of clean audit opinions, a robust internal audit function and the commissioning of a forensic audit to improve operations and effective systems university-wide.

Additionally, the WSCUC report applauds the university for meeting the requirement of general education, community service, and internships as distinctive elements of undergraduate education; contributions to improving and enhancing higher education that are respected in East Africa; the establishment of assessment plans and learning outcomes for all programs with vertical alignment and the extraordinary commitment to students exhibited by the faculty staff and administration.

At the same time, the report recommends that the university should explore more opportunities to diversify revenue streams, redouble its effort to fully implement the General Education program and provide clear roles of various governing bodies brought about by structural changes among others.

This report was presented by Dr. Angelina Kioko (Professor of English and Linguistics) who was the Accreditation Liaison Officer during a meeting held at the Library bookshop on Thursday, June 13.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Paul Zeleza and the ASA DVC Amb. Prof. Ruthie Rono who were present at the event pointed out the report comes at an ideal time when the university is celebrating 50 years of academic excellence and that there should be a joint effort by all members of the USIU-Africa community to ensure that the recommendations by WSCUC are well executed so that the legacy will still go on 50 years to come.

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