USIU-Africa to become the first private University to join the AAP consortium

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza takes a picture with board members of AAP.PHOTO:Courtesy

By Taigu Muchiri

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza met with the Advisory Board of the Alliance for African Partnership (AAP) to discuss a possible partnership between USIU-Africa and the organization. AAP seeks to promote sustainable, effective, and equitable long-term partnerships among African institutions, Michigan State University, and other international collaborators. The AAP strives to build networks across all sectors (universities, NGOs, government, and private sector) to engage with development challenges that fall within specific thematic areas which include agri-food systems, culture, health and nutrition, water, energy, and the environment, youth empowerment, and education. The mission of the AAP is to mobilize and support these partnerships in such a way that the resulting activities positively transform institutions and livelihoods in Africa.

The advisory board agreed unanimously to invite USIU-Africa as the first private university to join the AAP Consortium which currently has a membership of eight public university and Michigan State University (MSU). The AAP was established in 2016 with a donation of $20 million from MSU and raised $11 million in 2018. Upon the finalization of the partnership, USIU-Africa will be eligible to apply for AAP grants.

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