Windows to the World program tours China

USIU-Africa students with Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador at the Embassy of Kenya in China

By Wanjiku Mbugua

The Windows to the World program visited China in April as a part of their Chinese studies. The 18 students were accompanied by their lecturer Wanjiku Mbugua who teaches Chinese Language in the department of languages and literature. The Windows to the World program aims to provide students with an experience of cultural diversity in order to enrich their university education. It is organized once in a year and students visit the countries of origin of the foreign languages that are taught in the university to learn and have hands-on experience of the culture, communication, social system, infrastructure, technologies and customs of the people.

During the visit, the group paid a courtesy call to the Embassy of Kenya in Beijing; China where they were received by several representatives. The group later visited Shaanxi, Jinan and Shanghai where they visited four different cities which included Xian, Shadong, Qufu and Pudong. The students also had an opportunity to tour famous historical sites such as the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, Tian’an Men Square, Bell tower square, Terracotta warriors Museum, Shaanxi provincial museum, Baotu Springs, Thousand Buddhas Mountain, Confucius Temple, Confucius Family Mansion and Confucius Family Cemetery. The tour also included a visit to Shandong Normal University.

The trip was not only an eye opener to the participants but also an opportunity to be able to use the language skills they have acquired during their learning sessions. Learning another language has known benefits in that it prepares students to meet future trends, and also equipping them with the necessary tools and value-added skills to meet the job market demands.

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