Renowned travel junkie inspires AIESEC club members to follow their dreams

By Diana Meso, Cynthia Makena and Andy Agutu

On Friday, March 29, the AIESEC club members got a chance to interact with Ms. Maskarm Haile; an Ethopian travel junkie who documents her travel in books and blogs, and learn about her book Abyssinian Nomad; An African Woman’s Journey of Love, Loss, and Adventure from Cape to Cairo.

Maskarm encouraged the club members to follow their dream and break from the rigid mindset to beat the norm that taking up certain “office” careers is the only way to succeed in life. She pointed out that her determination to achieve her childhood dreams despite setback from her family and culture kept her alive as she traversed 15 countries in Africa from Cape of Good Hope in South Africa to Cairo in Egypt.

She further inspired the club members to strive to learn new cultures and meet new people that will help them open up to new ideas and see the world from different and exciting angles. The talk is in line with one of the main agendas of AIESEC which is to activate leadership potential by working with different groups all over the world to shape a better future. It also builds to our diversified cultures from over 72 nationalities represented in the university.

The book Abyssinian Nomad outlines Maskarm Haile experiences when she traveled from South Africa to Egypt and her exposure to various cultures.

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