USIU@50 Annual Giving Campaign


USIU-Africa’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020 notes that over seventy percent (70%) of university income is generated by tuition and other associated fees. Objective 5 of the plan recognizes the need to expand revenue streams by including fundraising, grants and contracts, and research. USIU@50 annual giving campaign is key to achieving this institutional objective.
This campaign marks the Golden Anniversary of USIU-Africa’s establishment in 1969. Since its beginning the University’s vision has been to build a premier university of academic excellence with a global perspective.
The institution has made remarkable success. We celebrate our diverse student population of 7,000 drawn from over 73 nationalities and all the 47 counties in Kenya; dual accreditation which guarantees quality of our over 25 academic programs; state of the art facilities, low student/faculty ratio and over 25 international and exchange partners amongst others.
Going forward, USIU-Africa looks into a brilliant future with key growth areas in student recruitment; infrastructural development; academic programs expansion in STEM related disciplines, health sciences, cinematic and creative arts, research, strategic partnerships and diversification of university revenue streams. This future can be made possible through our partnership with students, university employees, Parents, Board of Trustees (BoT), University Council (UC), Alumni, Corporates & Foundations and Friends of the university.

Goals & Objectives of USIU@50 Annual Giving Campaign
In celebration of the university remarkable success over the last 50 years, this year’s annual giving themed “USIU@50 Campaign” aims at mobilizing Kes 50 million from internal and external networks/stakeholders to support causes that matter to partners/donors and are aligned to the strategic direction of the university.

a) Goal: The main goal is to attain greater fiscal health for the university.
b) Key Objectives:
I. To cultivate and improve philanthropy amongst internal and external USIU-Africa stakeholders.
II. To enlist 1500 university donors by August 30th, 2019.
III. To raise Kes 50 million towards cause(s) of choice to partners and donors by August 30th, 2019.

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