School of Graduate Studies, Research & Extension
The School of Graduate Studies, Research and Extension provides a one stop shop for all graduate students’ needs and supports academic research in line with University policy.
The School oversees graduate programs, partnerships with other universities and industry, research opportunities and funding, upcoming conferences and workshops, colloquia and scholarships for graduate research.

With regard to the graduate studies, the school ensures standardization of all graduate programs, encourages collaboration amongst the graduate programs, oversees implementation processes and quality checks, fundraises for graduate programs provides the criteria for admission of graduate students, manages comprehensive examinations, oversees internal and external examination of theses and reviews students’ graduation requirements before approval by the senate. The school also offers training services to students, staff and faculty on applied research (proposal development, research methodology, publishing and dissemination of research output).

With regard to research and extension, the school’s mandate is to link the university with the industry by offering value add support to industry. This is to be achieved by;
  • Providing cutting edge consultancies and trainings to industry and becoming knowledge partners in industry events
  • Undertaking research that is relevant to the industry hence create a think tank for the industry’s use and advise on the intellectual property rights of the outcome of such research and consequent products developed
  • Providing alternative thinking to the social problems affecting the society at large and ensuring that policy advocacy is based on valid data
  • Hosting public lectures where industry leaders share their experiences with the university students
  • Providing industry leaders with a forum to address multi-disciplinary conferences
  • The school has responsibility for all extension and related services.
  • Lastly the school promotes research culture by supporting public lectures and hosting academic conferences. The overall annual university conference (East African Multidisciplinary Applied Research Conference) is hosted in November while other conferences with specific themes are hosted on a quarterly basis.


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Ms. Susan Muchai
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