Alumni of USIU-Africa’s undergraduate and graduate programs have long felt the desire to come together to create a platform for engagement on issues related to the practice of psychology and career development.

There is a proposal currently being considered by the Executive Committee of the USIU-Africa Alumni Association with a view to receiving approval to form a chapter that will meet this objectives.

Some of the activities the proposed chapter intends to engage in include:
  • Professional Conferences
  • Training events
  • Peer Supervision
  • Promotion of psychological research activities
  • Mentorship of members and current psychology students
For further information, please contact Dorala Berinyuy (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
SOEConference Web Slider
The Africa-America Institute (AAI) has organized the 2017 State of Education in Africa conference (SOE) Conference to focus on higher education in Africa by exploring innovations, exposing local and shared challenges and; expressing the necessary practices and intended approaches to address the needs of the future of education in Africa. It will take place at the Crown Plaza Hotel located on Upper Hill Road from 3-4 May 2017.

Follow the conversation on social media through the hashtags #SOEAfrica #SOE2017
The conference is being organized by USIU-Africa’s psychology alumni to discuss the how to cope and manage anxiety and trauma related to the forthcoming Kenyan General Elections in August 2017.

Speakers have been invited to share how their experiences handling anxiety and trauma are applicable in the context of the environment surrounding the elections.