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Conference on the Role of the Diaspora in the Revitalization of African Higher Education, March 30th and 31st 2017

Organized by the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program (CADFP), United States International University - Africa (USIU-Africa) and Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Sponsored by Ford Foundation, University of Johannesburg, and Codesria.

Higher education in Africa, as in much of the world, is undergoing profound changes including massification, privatization, internationalization, shifts in knowledge production and systems, increased demand for accountability and quality assurance. These transformations and disruptive forces raise critical questions about the future of African higher education, which have been deliberated at numerous international forums and in a growing range of studies. Among the most significant was the 1st African Higher Education Summit held in Dakar in March 2015 that brought together political, academic and business leaders as well as donors to deliberate on the future and revitalization of African higher education to realize Agenda 2063 of the African Union Commission.