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Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza (second left) and Associate DVC-Student Affairs Prof. Wangari Mwai listen to one of the panelists, as he answers a question posed by a member of the audience during the second caucus of the Hoja Youth Summit held on Friday, July 20 in the auditorium. PHOTO:ANTONIO LONGANGI

By Lubna Elmahdy & Antonio Longangi

The Hoja Youth Summit held its second youth caucus on Friday, July 20 at the auditorium. Under the theme “Youth Participation in Leadership, Accountability and Governance: Towards a Youth-Led Africa”, academicians, professionals, entrepreneurs and Members of Parliament, engaged more than 250 delegates from USIU-Africa, other local universities and non-profit organizations, on the role of the youth in decision making.

In his remarks the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza, described how scholars will contribute to the future of society. “Since education will remain a key factor in human development, it will need people to drive it. You can and should be one of those people” he said.

Nominated Member of Parliament Hon. Gideon Keter, himself a former President of the national youth organization – Youth Senate – urged his audience to get involved in the running of their country. His sentiment was supported by Embakasi East Member of Parliament Hon. Paul Ongili (Babu) Owino who observed that “Leadership starts right where you are, on your campus.”
Other panelists included Prof. Wangari Mwai (Associate DVC - Student Affairs), Mr. Adams Tuva (USIU-Africa alumnus and Chairman, Kenya Chamber of Commerce), Dr. Simeon Sungi (Chair, Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology), Mr. Dan Odaba (Lecturer, International Relations), Dr. Maurice Mashiwa (Executive Director, Sereno Africa) and Mr. Prince Reinhard (Author and International Business Administration Freshman).

Hoja Youth Summit is a student organization focused on youth involvement in developing practical solutions for African challenges. “Hoja Youth Summit is action oriented and serious about getting involved in solving the problems of our mother land,” insisted Summit Coordinator Mr. Eddy Musoke (International Relations Junior). The caucus was one of the preparatory activities for the upcoming Hoja Youth Summit to be held from October 24-27, 2018.

The summit will provide a platform for delegates from across Africa to learn from experts, exchange ideas on building sustainable development projects in their local communities and elsewhere on the continent. Discussions will evolve around several subjects such as, peace building and conflict resolution in Africa, social entrepreneurship, innovation and technology, women empowerment, gender equity, among others.