AIESEC digital Training
Ms. Vivienne Ethangatta (Digital and Social Media Manager, Safaricom) discusses Digital Marketing during the Digitalk Campus Edition hosted by AIESEC USIU-Africa on Thursday, June 28 at the Freida Brown Student Center. PHOTO: ANTONIO LONGANGI

By Peter Mbwana & Antonio Longangi

On Thursday June 28, USIU-Africa’s AIESEC and IT club hosted the Digitalk Campus Tour- an initiative of Eyeballs Marketing firm aimed at sensitizing and training young people on ways to access and exploit opportunities provided by the development in technology.

The event entailed a panel discussion comprising of Safaricom Digital and Social Media Manager Ms. Vivienne Ethangatta, Brighter Monday Chief Executive Officer Mr. Emmanuel Mutuma and Local artiste Mr. Anthony Gitau famously known as Anto Neosoul.

Ms. Ethangatta encouraged participants to keenly take up internship opportunities adding that they act as a leeway to the next big step in their career life.
“I was able to turn my passion into a career by proactively rejuvenating the social media platforms of the companies I interned with, through practical learning, I was able to set myself on my current career path,” she said.

Mr. Mutuma pointed out that with the current technology advances, there is easy access to digital platforms which makes the digital space one of the most competitive in terms of capturing and maintaining the attention of an audience, adding that it is crucial for participants to identify their competition to help in curving out one’s niche audience in order to effectively stand out.In conclusion, Mr. Gitau gave three key elements of surviving in the digital space; practicing self-awareness, identify primary audience and being resilient. He also encouraged participants to take advantage of networking opportunities as they expose one to industry experience.