By Wanjiku Mbugua & Antonio Longangi

Members of the Chinese I & II (CHI1000 /CHI1001) foreign language classes participated in an out of class Chinese cooking experience from Monday, June 4 to Thursday, June 7 at the Cafeteria. Given that Chinese as a language is best learnt through practice and interaction with rich elements of Chinese culture, students are exposed to hands-on preparation of traditional meals prepared in most households in China.

Therefore every fifth week of each semester, students of Chinese Language prepare and partake of Chinese cuisine besides learning what it’s like to be part of a team. The meals students had to cook and have a taste of included dumplings, baozi, tofu, iced tea, green tea and Chinese stir-fried rice, which are more popular in Northern China, and are lighter in flavor and spices unlike Southern China dishes.
The advanced class learnt how to prepare a popular Southern China meal called Kung Pao - a meal loaded with spicy chicken, peanuts, vegetables and a delightful sauce “Kung Pao Sauce.Kung Pao chicken is a low-calorie healthy homemade dish which is more popular in Southern China particularly in Sichuan Province.

Such co-curricular learning experiences ensure that students receive exciting holistic training that increases their interest in learning. Chinese language students are immersed in a creative one-of-a-kind experience that further exposes them to valuable knowledge of the Chinese culture.