ly motivated and talented young professionals to join as Associates as part of its Graduate Recruitment Program. They are interested in working with “team players, progressive thinkers and can communicate their ideas with passion. People who are keen on learning, who want to be leaders in their profession and who want to make a difference.

However applications would only be considered if the deadline of Monday, April 16 was met, and if the applicants would graduate with honors (GPA of 3.5 and above).

The KPMG representatives insisted that the best way for an undergraduate to present themselves to potential employers, is through a resume that is expressive of their character, and also detailed in their achievements throughout their student life.  

A curriculum vitae, according to the KPMG team, represents who you are before you are called for an interview. Thus, every applicant must be certain, it places them in a favorable light. Additionally, referees must be individuals who the applicant is certain, will vouch for them.

They also conducted a mock interview to demonstrate how students should conduct themselves during an interview. The key point here was that the candidate should be self-aware, and engage with the interviewer in a way that expresses their values and standards.

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