When Laura Boykin, a computational scientist at the University of Western Australia and TED Fellow paid a visit to the USIU-Africa Library in 2016, she was amazed at the beauty and wealth of information resources and spaces. That is how the TED Books journey commenced.

A step forward from the famous TED Talks - those 18-minute speeches full of inspiring and thought-provoking ideas -  TED Books pick up where the speeches end. According to the TED Foundation - a non-profit, non-partisan Foundation - such reads are “Long enough to explore a powerful idea but short enough to read in a single sitting”.

The  Library received a donation of 5 copies each of 14 TED books, that cut across most academic disciplines offered on campus (including leisure reading), through the networking efforts of Principal Librarian (Acquisitions) Ms. Azenath Ateka.

The total cost of the entire donation was US$1769 paid for by the TED Foundation, whose generous gift marks a key milestone in the growth of the Library’s collection.