Two Journalism students and one International Relations major won six awards at the 59th edition of the Kenya National Drama and Film Festival which began Tuesday, April 3 in Nairobi’s Lenana School.

Nashon Owano (Journalism), Fiona Githieya (Journalism) and Tamati Mauti (International Relations), submitted Hope Raisers: Classroom and Beyond in the University Film Competition category, where they were received six accolades: Best Short Documentary; Best Presentation; Best Cinematography (1st Runners-up); Best Production Design (1st Runners-up); Best Director (1st Runners-Up) and Best Producer (1st Runners-up).

The documentary highlights the role of Hope Raisers Initiative - project that seeks to impart life skills, mentorship and financial educational assistance to children living in Baba Dogo, Korogocho and Lucky Summer informal settlements.

Assistant Professor of Film Production Dr. Rachael Diang’a supervised the class project, as well as took up the role of Director of Production. Ms. Githeiya directed photography and wrote the script, Mr. Owano produced and edited the documentary, while Mr. Mauti assisted with editing and narration.