The Dance Club in conjunction with the Fashion Club and the Music Club, raised KES 26,300 during the first edition of USIU - Africa Got Talent, on Thursday, March 1 at the auditorium.

The event, whose theme was  ”, aimed to grow and celebrate all artistic disciplines within the USIU - Africa community, and provide artistes with a platform to showcase and nurture their talents.

33 applicants underwent a series of auditions from February 26 - 27, resulting in a shortlist of 20 performers, who would rap, sing, dance and recite poetry, on Thursday, March 1.

Among those who turned up to witness the talent showcase were Mr & Miss Africa Nazarene University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology.

Following much deliberation, the judges Miss USIU - Africa Akual Chan (Criminal Justice Sophomore), Mr. USIU - Africa Erick Onwen (International Relations Freshman), Miss Talent USIU - Africa Mercy Onyango (Journalism Junior), USIU-Africa’s Mr. Talent Arief Adan (Accounting Sophomore) and Mr. USIU - Africa 1st runners up Feizal Ahmed (Hotel & Restaurant Management Freshman), declared Wesley Casmir (Journalism Freshman), the winner of USIU - Africa Got Talent for his awesome rapping skills. Dante Masia (International Business Administration Freshman)  emerged second for his “double-jointed” dance performance.

The Dance Club plans to organize a similar event during the spring and summer semesters, to encourage the utilization of talent within the University community.