As part of the process of re-affirming the accreditation of the University, our accrediting body – WASC Senior College and University Commission – conducted an Off Site Review via teleconference, on Wednesday, January 31. The review is part of a three-stage process that began in 2016, which is expected to conclude this year. In brief, the re-affirmation of reaccreditation, is a formal process of confirming - every ten years - the accreditation status enjoyed by a university.

For the first step, USIU-Africa send to WSCUC, an institutional self-study report, which now triggered the off-site review – where various university units and stakeholders were represented. The outcome of the review will inform the final step in the process; the on-campus visit expected during this year’s Fall Semester.

Accreditation is a testament to the academic quality and educational effectiveness of higher learning institutions, giving confidence to both graduates and employers, of the quality of education offered by a particular institution. USIU-Africa is the only university in East and Central Africa to enjoy dual accreditation; in Kenya by the Commission for University Education (CUE) and in the United States by WSCUC. CUE re-accredited the University in 2016, and WSCUC is expected to re-affirm our accreditation at the end of this process.