November is an important month in the university calendar. It’s the time when the university leadership retreats to take stock of the past year and plan for the next academic year. This year was no exception.

The 2017 Annual Retreat was preceded by the first ever in-house Orientation session for the Board of Trustees and members of the University Council. The session, held on November 9, 2017 featured presentations from the members of the Management Board on various issues. The objective was to enable the Board of Trustees & members of the University Council to have a better sense of the university’s points of lights (Distinctiveness, Successes and Challenges), separation of roles and fiduciary responsibilities, position the Management Board to inspire confidence & encourage Board & Council members to empower and support the Management Board.

The Board of Trustees, Chancellor, members of the University Council and Management Board then converged at the Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club from Friday November 10, to Sunday November 12, to discuss various matters of strategic import and enterprise significance. The theme for this year’s Retreat was “Enhancing Institutional Capital: Recruitment, Resources, Reputation & Responsibility”.

The Retreat featured facilitators from South Africa, Ghana and the United Kingdom. Prof. Adam Habib (Vice Chancellor, University of Witwatersrand) engaged participants in an interactive session where emerging issues related to the higher education sector (Research, student aid, differentiation, arguments for and against the value proposition of higher education, et. al.) were discussed. Mr. Alex Hyde-Parker (Director, Fundraising at the University of Manchester) gave a presentation on the university’s preparedness for launching a capital campaign, while Dr. Paul Effah (Vice Chancellor, Radford University College, Ghana) walked members through issues of governance and effective leadership pointing out the need to provide targeted information for strategic decision-making. Mr. Dan Nduati (Class of 2007, CEO/Brand2D) and his colleague Mr. Mark Kaigwa took members through an engaging and enlightening presentation on building your reputation in the digital age.

During the course of the Retreat, members interacted with the Deans and Associate Deputy Vice Chancellors. In addition, they also embarked on a tour of the campus where they interacted with students and expressed a sense of pride and awe at the young minds that USIU-Africa is nurturing.

The highlight of the Retreat was the dinner in honor of Dr. Manu Chandaria, our beloved Chancellor. The dinner is a first in a series of activities aimed at celebrating Dr. Chandaria, his immense contribution to USIU-Africa and the deep love he has for the university.