MrMiss Pageant Launch Class Donation 04102017 01
Akaash Barot, a contestant for Mr. & Miss USIU-Africa receives a donation for the Altawoon Educational Center
during a fundraising drive on Wednesday, October 4 in the Chandaria School of Business. Photo: Victor Mshindi

Pupils from Altawoon Education Center were invited to interact contestants of the annual Mr & Miss USIU-Africa Beauty Pageant on Wednesday October 4. The school which has been identified as the charity for this year’s pageant, needs to construct basic educational infrastructure to qualify for registration as a national examination center.

Generous donations comprising money, books, stationery and clothes were given by the students at the donation tents, and during class rounds made over the course of the two-day event, set a fundraising record of KES50000.

Stacey Samoe, the committee chairlady, commented, “Having started off on a high note, we will are immensely motivated to hit our target of KES 4 million. We encourage the entire community to partner with us in ensuring the pupils of Altawoon have the means to achieve their dreams”

The launch afforded the campus community an opportunity to meet and greet the contestants who were in charge of various tasks such as facilitating the dancing, games, the barbecue and collection of donations. This is in line with the pageant’s aim to build character by engaging them in charity work and mentorship programs.

Trainings are taking place thrice a week to prepare the contestants for the pre-judging on Thursday, November 2 where they will showcase talents and skills necessary for being the university’s brand ambassador, in the auditorium. Thereafter the pageant finale will take place on Thursday, November 23 at East Africa’s largest and newest shopping mall, Two Rivers Mall. All ticket proceeds will be form part of the eventual donation towards Altaawon Education Center’s educational infrastructure needs.