• Cooperate with security agencies which will conduct periodic and random searches on people, vehicles and various hotspots. Do not abuse, obstruct or resist security agents, unnecessarily to avoid unfortunate repercussions
  • Observe and comply with these directives restricting movement of people, for personal safety.
  • Stock required food items during the election period to aid in the unlikely case of emergencies, imposed curfews or other threats that may arise after the elections.
  • Do not cluster around polling centers and stay away from groups of people, no matter the discussion or incident that brings them together.
  • Study your polling center and if you notice any disorderly behavior or activities by hooligans then steer clear. Remember that your life matters more than the vote.
  • Avoid wearing politically branded T shirts, caps or bearing handbills, posters, pamphlets and banners of candidates, especially once the campaign period has closed. This is for your personal safety.
  • Avoid joining in on inciting discussions at the polling center which may be capable of fanning the embers of political discords amongst the political parties and their agents.
  • Do not buy drinks, snacks, etc. around polling centers, nor should you share/receive consumables or gifts from anyone at the polling centers.
  • If you sense danger or suspect any foul play, report to the approved security agents – do not take the law into your own hands.
Courtesy of the Security Department