By Javier Serrano

Assistant Professor of Spanish & Literature, Javier Serrano, delivered a keynote address at a plenary session of the Centennial Conference of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) held at the Chicago Hilton Hotel from 6-9 July. 

Mr. Serrano, who is the current President of the International Federation of Associations of Teachers of Spanish (FIAPE) – a conglomeration of 18 associations of teachers of Spanish scattered among Africa, America, Asia and Europa, including the Association of Teachers of Spanish-Kenya (ATS-K) – spoke on the impact of the Spanish language has in the United States. The 58 million Spanish-speaking Americans comprise the second-largest language group in the U.S., which in effect makes the United States the second-largest Spanish-speaking population, right after Mexico, and thus the extensive influence of the United States on the future of Spanish.

Since its founding 100 years ago, AATSP has grown to become the oldest and largest of the associations of teachers of Spanish around the world. FIAPE, AATSP and the University of Salamanca are now preparing an International Spanish Conference that will gather over six hundred experts in Salamanca (Spain) from 25-29 June 2018. Mr. Serrano is part of the organizing committee.