USIU-Africa Alumni Association in partnership with SwivelBox held a week-long academy whose aim was to equip 14-18 year olds with entrepreneurial skills from July 17-21 on campus. Swivelbox trainers guided the eleven teenagers on how to develop ideas, nurture them and bring them to life. They were taught about the importance of customer relationships and were equipped with skills to pitch their ideas to interested parties as well as to develop sustainable financial business models.

The participants were also exposed to guest speakers who are excelling in their fields of entrepreneurship. One such speaker, Director of Vacay Holiday Deals Mr. David Kimani, recounted his journey as an entrepreneur highlighting how springing back from failure contributed to his success. He reiterated the importance of putting one’s customers first to ensure that their needs are well attended.

Participants were provided with the opportunity to pitch business ideas which they had developed during the academy, to their parents as part of their learning outcomes. Chair of the New Economy Venture Accelerator Mr. Scott Bellows spoke to the teenagers and their parents regarding the key features that make USIU-Africa unique. He highlighted how USIU-Africa supports entrepreneurial innovations through the Innovation and Incubation Center that presents a platform where students can develop their ideas.

An admissions department representative guided participants through a campus tour to familiarize them with the facilities and programs available at USIU-Africa. To conclude the training, all participants were offered an opportunity to pitch their business ideas to successful local entrepreneurs with the best group receiving an award.