School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Contact: Fenny Muthusi
Prof. Chacha Nyaigotti Chacha
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Phone: (254-20) 3606433 / 434
School Mission Statement
The mission of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is to provide an enabling learning environment through quality programs where undergraduate and graduate students acquire knowledge, skills, positive attitudes, values and desirable behavior. Further the SHSS is committed to promoting the generation and dissemination of knowledge in order to create a better world.

School Mission Outcomes
1. Competence in critical thinking, creative skills, use of technology, and communication skills.
2. Effective, efficient and ethical leadership.
3. Service to the community: acquire practical working experience through participation and contribution to community and societal causes.
4. Preparedness for career and lifelong learning in their chosen disciplines as well as understanding of and appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge.
5. Use of qualitative and quantitative research skills in humanities and social sciences.
6. Awareness and appreciation of diversity, and development of a world view informed by a multicultural and global perspective.