Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Mission Statement
The mission of the MBA program is to provide a range of knowledge, skills and abilities in Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Finance, IT, Marketing and Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on practical applications, case studies, simulations and research.

Core Courses   24 units

ACT 6010  Managerial Accounting
BUS 6020  Strategic Management
BUS6030   Leadership and Management of Change
FIN 6000   Managerial Finance
IBA 6060   Culture, Values, and Ethics in a Global Society
MKT 6000 Managerial Marketing
BUS 6220   Business Research Methods
ECO 6010  Managerial Economics

Concentration:   15 units
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Program learning outcomes:
In addition to the university wide outcomes of: higher order thinking; oral and written competence; scientific and technological literacy; global understanding and multicultural perspectives; and service to the community, whose foundation is laid by the General Education Program (see section on general Education), the following are the MBA program-specific Learning outcomes:
1. Prepare and interpret financial statements
2. Formulate and evaluate Strategic Management decisions and plans
3. Develop and evaluate Human Resource plans and decisions
4. Design, implement and evaluate marketing strategies
5. Analyze the business environment and develop entrepreneurial strategies for growth
6. Demonstrate transformational Leadership skills and ethical behavior in multicultural environments
7. Develop and apply Information Technology (IT) solutions to business problems
8. Develop research proposals and prepare research project reports

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