Chandaria School of Business

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Prof. George Achoki,
Chandaria School of Business 
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Dr. Amos Njuguna
Associate Dean,
Chandaria School of Business 
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Chandaria School of Business is committed to excellence in formulation and delivery of high quality programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels in a dynamic and challenging business environment.

Mission Statement
In line with the university mission, the mission of Chandaria School of Business is to provide a range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and problem-solving abilities to enable students to respond to the need for successful management and leadership of profit and not for profit organizations in a dynamic environment.

Learning Outcomes
1. Global Oriented – Demonstrate awareness, knowledge and appreciation of global business operations and practices.
2. Multidisciplinary – Demonstrate knowledge about the different functions of business and show an appreciation and integration of functional business areas. 
3. Change Oriented – Make use of adaptive and innovative skills.
4. Experiential – Develop practical working experience through participation and contribution to community and societal causes.
5. Initiative and Problem Solving Abilities – Collect and analyze data to provide business solutions.
6. Team Player – Demonstrate understanding of diversity and work harmoniously with individuals and groups in organizations.
7. Effective Communication – Develop competencies in oral and written communication skills and use of technology.
8. Preparedness for Career – Develop mastery of knowledge, skills and values relevant to careers in their selected disciplines.
9. Transformational Leadership - Demonstrate effective, efficient and ethical leadership.
Programs provide the following outcomes for traditional and non-traditional, domestic and international students.

Undergraduate programs provide a liberal and intercultural education; understanding of business, management, information systems and technology, hospitality, or tourism disciplines; proficiency in selected disciplines; understanding of the overall dynamics of organizations; skill in critical thinking; and competence in interpersonal, oral, written, quantitative, and computer skills. The undergraduate programs prepare students for advanced study and entry level professional positions.
Graduate programs provide advanced skills in selected business and management disciplines, including practical experience in the application of those skills in the context of the overall dynamics of organizations; change manager and change agent skills; skill in working as a member of a multicultural team; and ability to collect, analyze and critically evaluate data as well as other information to arrive at reasoned conclusions. They also provide an ability to evaluate the environments of organizations and develop responsive strategies for organizations; and advanced competence in interpersonal, oral, written, quantitative, and technology management skills. The master’s programs prepare students for positions in management or consulting, or entry into doctoral programs.
Management development programs provide advanced knowledge and skills for working managers. Programs may be generic, for managers from a variety of organizations, or tailored to the needs of a single organization. The management development programs enable managers to acquire new proficiencies to respond to changing organizational environments.
Chandaria School of Business is committed to excellence in the formulation and delivery of programs in a climate that includes:
  • Challenging academic requirements for students;
  • An interdisciplinary faculty with a holistic perspective who provide excellence in teaching, curriculum development, scholarship, and service to the University and to the global community;
  • A support staff that is dedicated to the creation of a conducive learning environment for students and faculty; and
  • A mutually supportive faculty -student community.