Welcome to Admissions

To propagate the growth of a quality student population on campus, through continuous enrolment of qualified students into the University.

The Office of Admission seeks “to identify, recruit and admit qualified students to the university” in accordance with the published standards determined by the university leadership and in keeping with the university mission as described in the university catalogue.

The Office of Admissions conducts all activities related to this mission with the highest ethical standards, and represents the institution and its community such that USIU is seen as a symbol of quality education through positive service and presentation.

Core Values 
All our transactions and processes shall stand the test of scrutiny.
People passion
We shall seek to find and retain students who are passionate about a greater cause and empower them to fulfil their dreams as citizens of a greater International Community.
We shall seek to serve and form bonds of trust amongst our clients, communities, partners and stakeholders that are beneficial, satisfactory and to the fulfilment of their needs.
We shall strive to act with a sense of urgency and responsibility to our clients, who will always come first.

Creativity & Innovation
We shall endeavour to achieve the change and variety we want to see.

The following academic programs are currently offered:

Chandaria School of Business
   Undergraduate    Graduate (Masters)
   Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration    Executive Master of Science in Organizational Development (EMOD)
   Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management      Master of Business Administration (MBA)
   Bachelor of Science in Business Administration       Global Executive Master of Business Administration (GEMBA) 
   Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management     
   Bachelor of Science in Accounting  

School of Science and Technology
   Undergraduate    Graduate (Masters) [Coming Soon!!]
   Bachelor of Science in Information Systems & Technology                                                                                           
   Bachelor of Arts in Journalism  
   Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Technology  

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
   Undergraduate    Graduate (Masters)
   Bachelor of Arts in International Relations    Master of Arts in International Relations 
   Bachelor of Arts in Psychology    Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
   Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice    Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

For more information, please see courses offered in our Chandaria School of Business, School of Science and Technology and School of Humanities and Sciences.

Need help?
Telephone: +254.20.3606300
Fax: +254.20.360 6100
Email: admit@usiu.ac.ke