The University Senate is a body formed pursuant to Section 35 of the Universities Act (2012), and which exists to perform the following functions:
  1. To oversee and regulate academic standards and content of academic programs.
  2. Make quarterly reports to the Management Board (MB) and the University Council (UC) through the Management Board.
  3. Makes regulations regarding:  eligibility for admission, standards of proficiency to be attained in each exam for any degree or other award and submit proposal to the University Council through the Management Board.
  4. Decides which persons have attained such standards of proficiency and are therefore fit to be granted the degree.
  5. Oversees application of all university regulations and policies related to: admission of students, learning and teaching, examinations, recruitment and performance management of academic staff and research management.
  6. Approves the university academic calendar and all teaching and exam schedules.
  7. Oversees , monitors and continuously reviews the use of physical facilities and equipment for academic purposes as well as learning and teaching resources
  8. Oversees the application of all rules governing the welfare, conduct and discipline of students.
  9. Assume a sense of responsibility among the faculty for maintaining superior level of instruction, research, and professional activities.
  10. Conduct studies and make recommendations on matters of policy and procedure pertaining to the faculty.


The University Senate is chaired by the University Vice Chancellor, and receives reports from the Deans Committee (chaired by the DVC- Academic and Student Affairs), which itself has received reports from School Boards (each chaired by the respective School Dean).

Resolutions of the University Senate are channeled to the University Council through the Management Board.


  1. PAUL T. ZELEZA, Vice Chancellor (Chair)
  2. PROF. RUTHIE C. RONO, Deputy Vice Chancellor - Academic & Student Affairs
  3. MUNYAE MULINGE, Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs
  4. JOSEPHINE ARASA, Acting Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs
  5. PETER LEWA, Dean (Chandaria School of Business)
  6. TOM ONDITI, Dean (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  7. JIMMY MACHARIA, Dean (School of Science and Technology)
  8. APOLLO MAIMA, Dean (School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences)
  9. ROBERT ONSARIGO, Dean of Students
  10. MARGARET MUNYAE, Program Director (General Education)
  11. TERESIA LINGE, Program Director (International Business Administration)
  12. BETTY MBATIA, Program Director (Pharmacy)
  13. GERALD CHEGE, Program Director (Information Systems & Technology, MATHS)
  14. STEPHEN KIMOTHO, Program Director (Journalism & Communication Studies)
  15. FATMA ALI, Program Director (International Relations)
  16. FRANCIS GATUMO, Program Director (Finance, Accounting)
  17. PATRICK MULINDI, Program Director (Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism Management)
  18. SYLVIA OGOLA, University Librarian
  19. HELLEN A OMBIMA, Director of Legal Services (ex officio)
  20. School of Humanities and Social Sciences Representative (Vacant)
  21. SYLVESTER NAMUYE, School of Science and Technology Representative
  22. DAMARY SIKALIEH, Chandaria School of Business Representative
  23. NAUMIH NOAH, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Representative
  24. LYDIAH MASINDE, University Registrar
  25. OLIVER AMWAYI, Director of Quality Assurance
  26. ANGELINA KIOKO, Accreditation Liaison Officer
  27. JARED RABURU, Director of Operations (ex officio)
  28. EDITH GUCHU, Ag. Director of Finance (ex officio)
  29. JARED RABURU, Director of Administration (ex officio)
  30. AMOS NJUGUNA, Dear School of Graduate Studies, Research & Extension
  31. CHAD NAGGI, Chair – Student Affairs Council (by invitation)
  32. SCOTT BELLOWS, Chairman - Faculty Council
  33. ERNEST ONDUGO, Chairman - Staff Council (by invitation)
  34. MICHAEL KIHARA, Program Director (Psychology, Criminal Justice Studies) & Faculty Council Representative
  35. ROBI KOKI OCHIENG, Faculty Council Representative