The administration division comprise of Human resources, Health Services, Security and Operations departments. The relevance of Administration function in the University is to support smooth running of daily activities of the institution. The division’s vision is to deliver superior support service that will help in achieving of the university’s strategic objectives. The mandate of the division is to attract and retain a diverse highly skilled workforce and ensure that the university operations are conducted in a safe, clean and orderly environment that supports and contributes to the effective delivery of the university mission.

Organizations are creating and achieving competitive age through people, processes, and systems that complement each other. It is therefore critical that all these factors are properly put in place and coordinated in order to achieve the overall organizational objectives using the best practices. The deliberate and consistent practice of such trends in organizational management guarantees enhanced employee productivity and delivers institutional effectiveness. USIU-Africa has examined the programs and systems aimed at creating a conducive environment that will support teaching, learning and research.

It is therefore essential that the university’s support services are improved inline with the current trends . It is in this manner that the ambitious goals we have set will be concisely delivered and our financial, operational and overall service excellence will be attained. 

Jared Raburu,
Director, Administration  
The University owns and operates an extensive portfolio of buildings and land assets utilised to deliver its teaching and research programmes.

Facilities Maintenance section performs campus maintenance, housekeeping, landscaping and grounds services as well as provision of utility services and offers an integrated service model that provides customers with a single point of contact and around-the-clock service. Maintenance section  maintains university facilities and provides quality support services for the physical environment of the university, reducing energy consumption through education and use of alternative sources of energy.


To deliver superior HR services and competent workforce that will support the institution’s strategy


To attract, develop and retain a diverse and highly skilled workforce that will consistently contribute in achieving the institution’s strategic objectives.

The University has a fully-fledged Security department. The department is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of the entire University community both within the University and the areas around it. Security personnel are well trained to provide Security Services and are on duty 24 hours a day.
The Security department also continually disseminates information regarding the security situation both within and outside the University. This is done through emails, the noticeboards and of late through text messages (SMS) sent to student cellphones.

Create and maintain a community culture that places a priority on safety and security- meaning that the likelihood of loss or harm is low and a sense of personal security and well-being are high.
Create and maintain a safe and secure environment where teaching, researching and campus life can thrive and succeed.

The Security Department at United States International University of Africa (USIU-A) places a value on integrity, professionalism, honesty, knowledge, communication, collaboration and cooperation and will incorporate these values in safety and security measures.

The University has put in place the following security measures;