Below please find the August 2017 Graduation line-up and seating arrangement. Kindly take note of your position on the line-up (row and seat number).

Graduation Line-up & Seating Arrangement

Class Photo Schedule

Remember to carry your graduation attire for the class photos session. Please note that you do not need  your graduation attire for the  rehearsals, unless your class photos session is scheduled on that day.

Meeting: There will be a meeting for all graduating students on Wednesday September 6th from 9.30a.m – 11.30am in the AUDITORIUM. Please plan to attend due to the important announcements that will be made.

Rehearsals: Kindly plan to attend  tomorrow’s rehearsal on 6th September 2017 and on  Friday, September 8th  at 1.30pm. The Line-up will begin from parking B opposite the hostels. During rehearsals, the procedures of lining up, marching, seating arrangements, exiting, and so on will be presented and all matters pertaining to graduation explained.  PLEASE NOTE YOUR POSITION   IN THE PROCESSION.

Please visit the following link for graduation updates  -

If you have any questions or need clarifications kindly call Rachael or me on  0730116784 or 0730116782.