Attached please find the list of names of students who have applied to participate in the September 2017 commencement ceremony and are on course for graduation.
 Final Provisional Graduation List - 29 Aug 2017

Note that “ in absentia”applies ONLY to the ONE  NAME aligned to the left directly below the word ‘’In absentia”. See link below for Important Commencement dates to remember  -

Kindly note that The Commission for University Education (CUE) requires that all students must complete all degree requirements before they are eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony. In addition, the Senate must confirm that all graduating students meet the requirements and approve the graduation list. This is the reason the university Senate  approved 9th September 2017 as the graduation date and not 19th August 2017 as indicated in the academic calendar. This will allow for the processing of summer examination results and for the Senate approval.

Students with unresolved requirements issues  must have them solved before their names can be put back on the list. Deadline for this is 30th July 2017. i.e. all courses from Spring 2017 and below must have been graded by then and Exemptions pending approval should also be cleared by the said date.

Outstanding fees balances including graduation fees should  have been cleared by 30th June 2017 (for students paying fees upfront), or 7th July 2017 for students paying by installments in order to be cleared to participate in the September 2017 commencement ceremony. Outstanding Library fines and lost books should be cleared by July 30th2017.

For financial queries, kindly contact finance office.

Kindly note that will be no extension to the above deadlines.

For those students have completed our online exit survey. We thank you for your feedback. We truly value the information you have provided. For those who haven’t kindly complete it on Kindly complete the exit survey form on​  and give us feedback to allow us serve you better.

Any graduation updates will be posted on the commencement  2017 page and sent to your email. This is the list that will be used by the year book office. For your name to appear on the year book you must resolve any pending issues by 10th July 2017 to enable the year book to be printed in good time.

In case you have any questions or need further clarifications,  kindly contact me on 0730116782 or Rachael on0730116784.