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USIU-Africa Alumni Association organized a free Digital Marketing Training for alumni aged 18-30 on 20th and 21st May 2016 at the USIU-Africa auditorium. The training was facilitated by Livity Africa who are sponsored by Google, IAB, British Council and British Commission.

Alumni came out in large numbers to attend the training where they got an opportunity to acquire basic skills on digital marketing as well as network with fellow alumni drawn from different years. Around 500 Alumni who attended the training were trained on:- introduction to online marketing, content marketing, traditional vs. digital media, introduction to Search Engine Optimization, introduction to paid advertising, web design and social media marketing.

Alumni Association Chairperson, Ms. Dorothy Sagwe urged Alumni to connect with the Association and notify the team of ways in which they would like to be engaged in. She reiterated the need for them to register on the Alumni section found on the USIU-Africa website as members of the Association.

Speaking during the event, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Zeleza welcomed Alumni to USIU-Africa and urged them to continually engage with their Alma Mater. A Digital Strategy session took place on 10th June 2016 at USIU-Africa.