With activities of the Alumni Association growing by the day, the  Alumni Executive Committee has rolled out a volunteer program and is requesting as many volunteers as possible to sign up and support in implementation of alumni programs and activities.

Steve Lubia, is a volunteer of the Alumni Association who is currently involved with program and activities of the young alumni.

"Working with the Alumni Association has not only been a great experience so far, but a very fulfilling one. I registered as a volunteer for the association to engage specifically with young alumni, as I not only felt that I would add value as a young alumni myself, but also felt a strong connection to this group of alumni who in my view, will be responsible for changing the world in this new era of business and technology.

“I love the fact that volunteering for the association gives me a chance to give back to the great university that moulded me to the business

professional that I am today, as well as play a part in mentoring and developing current students to fit into the workplace as world class leaders who will drive Kenya and Africa to the next level of development. I strongly believe  that the volunteer mechanism is a key pillar to creating an Alumni Association  that will add  significant value to all alumni and give them the benefits and advantages they expect as members of the association. I personally encourage all Alumni who are interested in joining the volunteer network to do so Here,” says Steve.