The GAME center?has been involved in a number of networking activities. On 17th and 18th August 2012, the secretariat hosted the Association of African Business Schools (AABS) Agribusiness Project, Kick-off meeting. The objectives of the meeting were to Kick- start the AABS Agribusiness project, laying out the key milestones and timeline, and build a foundation for further project activities, Showcase innovative approaches and best practices from agribusiness/management training programs delivered in consortium schools and apply design thinking to integrate findings in the development and delivery of the AABS training programs, facilitate discussion among common issues and challenges for curriculum development and program delivery, learn first-hand from the USIU experience in developing and implementing the BMGF funded Program in Management & Innovation for Agribusiness Entrepreneurs.

The team also hosted and helped coordinate the Women In Africa Conference 2012 which was facilitated by Forward Networking. Forward Networking is a group of young professionals with industry knowledge. They put talents together to try to enhance business operations for large multinationals. They are an “end to end” event management solutions provider.The conference whose slogan was “Time to Invest” was a great success as the collaboration between USIU Agribusiness and Forward Networking has embarked on organizing the Women In Africa 2013 Conference.

Currently, other than the regular agribusiness course, the center is also engaged with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries through the Agricultural Sector Development Support Program (ASDSP) to build the capacity of Value Chain Actors on entrepreneurship skills through a Training of Trainers. As part of its wrap around activities, the center is?developing a student consultancy?program?that generates farmer-centric approaches?to facilitate buyer and supplier market strategies in the agricultural sector. This is being done in collaboration with Techno Serve to implement the Markets for the Poor project funded by Kenya Markets Trust.

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