About Agent Network Model

The Agent Network Model(ANM) is a tool designed to facilitate buyer and supplier market strategies in the Agricultural Market System.


The model encourages group formation and members benefit from their diversity through the select lead farmer, who acts as an agent.

Components of ANM include group formation, dynamics and coherence, relationship building, strategic planning, bulking orders, capacity building-by other value chain players, negotiation skills and model agent(s)/group(s) referrals.

Simulation training

This is a role playing game where entrepreneurs gain practical experience in the use of a range of customer service, financial Planning, investment options and record keeping tools including, working capital management, cash flow forecasting and budgeting. Because people work in teams, it is also a great team building tool.

The goal of the simulation game is for team-based companies to grow their business by building loyal customers, increasing revenue and cover all expenses.

This simulation training is for change agents who wish to bring a transformation in the agriculture market system by forecasting on the value chain and global market dynamics

Student Selection

USIU-GAME center recruits student consultants for the implementation of the ANM with excellent oral and written communication skills, strong interpersonal and presentation skills and very adaptable to various situations and cultures. The student is given a set of tools (during pre-consulting orientation) that have been developed for the? Agent Network Model. These tools are not only new to the agents, but also to the agribusiness enterprise. Therefore, a key responsibility is to become familiar with these tools in order to implement them with the agents.

Students are on this consultancy program to learn about the real-world business environment as well as apply what they already know. This is where the knowledge transfer will happen between student and the firm and from the firm and the student.

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